Aenea – Award Winning Skin Care

Welcome to the home of Aenea, a state-of-the-art skincare line based on the science of epigenetics, that promises to make your skin look younger, feel healthier, and glow with a natural radiance.

At Aenea, we’re about far more than just beautiful-looking packaging (although we like to think we have that too).  Inside each bottle or jar you’ll find a great deal of thought, innovation, research and technology has gone into creating each standout cosmeceutical-grade formula, so that we can promise solutions for all your skin concerns, and change the way you feel about your skin.

Distinguished by the potency of our ingredients and break-through cosmeceutical formulations developed by a team of internationally-renowned experts, Aenea’s prime objective is to improve on what nature has already given us, enhancing what we already have naturally so that we can enable our skin to be the best version of itself.

Strengthen the skin so that it’s ready for whatever life throws at it

Building on our skin’s own pre-determined genetic make-up, and using the science of epigenetics, our fundamental belief is that certain active ingredients when used in conjunction with the right delivery mechanisms can strengthen the skin so that it’s ready for whatever life throws at us – including the environmental pollution we’re all exposed to on a daily basis.

You’ll love your skin for the rest of your life

Our promise to you is that you’ll see a radical difference in how your skin looks and functions.  Once you get into the routine of using the correct Aenea products for your age and skin type, you’ll feel more confident about your skin as you go about your day.  Stay with us, and you’ll love your skin for the rest of your life.

Our promise to the world

Our products are free of synthetic colors and fragrances, and do not contain any sulfate detergents, phthalates, nor mineral oil and petrolatum; we’re also PETA-approved and Vegan – because no animal should suffer for the sake of vanity. Additionally, a percentage of our profits goes towards the Wild At Heart Foundation which exists to compassionately reduce the world’s 600 million stray dog population by providing funding and support to rescue projects, neutering programmes and education initiatives.

We’re thankful to be able to give a little back to this beautiful world we all live in, and we hope you’ll join us we set off on this journey of skin discovery together.


Epigenetics (literally meaning “on top of” genetics) refers to the modification of these genes by external factors like pollution, changing the way our cells read the original genes. Based on the science of epigenetics, Aenea Skin helps the skin cells to regulate the complex processes in the skin, and protect against pollution, resulting in a smoother, firmer, clearer complexion.