New Epigenetic Skin Care

Scientists used to believe that your genes and your genes alone determined the way your skin would age. But over the last decade, studies into epigenetics have shown that while our genes lay down the basic blueprint, or underlying DNA sequence, our cells can express themselves differently.

Think of it like ornaments on a Christmas tree – the tree is the same (the DNA sequence) but the decorations (epigenetic modifications) change the way we see it. Or think of how it expresses itself in identical twins, who grow up in different climates – one will look younger than the other at the same age.  Or take the example of the Queen Bee, who is the same – genetically – as any other bee.  But because she is fed exclusively on a diet of royal jelly, (while the other bees eat pollen), the epigenetic tags on her DNA are triggered to make her grow bigger and live much longer.

Express yourself!

When it comes to skincare, this exciting revelation has astounding implications. It effectively means while we’re all going to age, we can choose how.  Much of this is about what we expose ourselves to  – the external factors like how much sunlight we bask in, unprotected; or whether we follow a healthy diet or smoke cigarettes.  But scientists have also discovered that we can regenerate or revitalize the stem cells, by attaching epigenetic tags to our DNA in our skin cells.

Epigenetics + Anti-Pollution  = Optimal skincare

Pollution is on the rise. Besides the smoky fumes of car exhausts that we can see, we are also exposed on a daily basis to pollution we can’t see –  like environmental pollution in the air, and electromagnetic radiation from our phones and computer screens. Scientists have discovered a direct link between your skin’s health and the pollution we absorb.  In more polluted areas, for example, age spots are more common than in areas where the air is better quality.

The Aenea range of skincare can’t protect you from your chosen lifestyle – we all know that living healthily takes commitment, and life itself is far from predictable. But combining our knowledge of epigenetics, with the latest ingredients that protect the skin from pollution, means you can now choose to make the right decisions for your skin.


Epigenetics (literally meaning “on top of” genetics) refers to the modification of these genes by external factors like pollution, changing the way our cells read the original genes. Based on the science of epigenetics, Aenea Skin helps the skin cells to regulate the complex processes in the skin, and protect against pollution, resulting in a smoother, firmer, clearer complexion.