AENEA SKIN is proud to be approved by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) http://www.peta.org.uk/ as well as Vegan. Why is this important? We don’t believe it’s ethical for any animal to suffer because of human vanity. We love our pets, and believe that harming animals has a negative impact on humanity as a whole.

Beyond ethics, it’s also an out-moded form of testing. Not only was it banned in the UK in 1998 but there are now so many better ways to test your skincare, from using 3D skin models made from human skin grown in a laboratory to developing human skin in vitro.

All of the Aenea Skin chemists and formulators work with these modern methods in order to obtain the best and most accurate results.

So why is it still important to be approved by PETA?

As an international skincare brand, we hope one day to share Aenea Skin with people all over the world, but we stand by the PETA code of not exporting to countries where animal testing still takes place. Sadly, in China, some 375,000 animals are estimated to have been used in tests in 2015 alone, like the infamous Draize test where rabbits have cosmetics squirted into their eyes.

If we were to export Aenea Skin products into China, we would have to subject them to testing under Chinese regulations, and this would involve animals. We know that the Chinese authorities are working to change these laws, and we look forward to that time. In the mean time, rest assured, we’re not going to harm any animals for the sake of a quick profit.

Because there’s nothing beautiful about animal testing.