Why Do We Support Peta?

At Aenea Cosmetics, we are proud to be vegan and approved by PETA. We love our pets and the natural world, and we do not believe there is any need for animals to be harmed in the name of beauty. Therefore, we have worked hard to ensure no animals are. Harming animals is not something Aenea Cosmetics considers to be ethical and we firmly believe doing so can negatively impact humanity on a much larger scale. So, we stay away from all animal testing.

Ethics aside, animal testing is out of date. There are now many better ways of testing skincare products, such as using skin models and testing on skin developed in a lab. Think about it, is testing a product on an animal the best way when the product is to be you? Simply, animal skin and human skin is completely different.

Everyone at Aenea Cosmetics work with modern methods and new technology to achieve the very best testing results. All testing is accurate, safe and done without an animal in sight.


Though we don’t test on animals, we are still approved by PETA. This is important because, one day, we hope to grow into a brand that offers Aenea Cosmetics products to many other countries. However, we stand by the PETA code of not exporting products to countries that do still test on animals. For example, China still tests on hundreds of thousands of animals each year and performs tests such as the Draize test. Therefore, in line with PETA, we won’t be exporting to China until these practices are changed.

Being approached by PETA shows that Aenea Cosmetics do not take part in animal testing, nor does it export to countries that do. At Aenea Cosmetics, we know there’s nothing to benefit from testing on animals.