At Aenea Cosmetics, we are proud to support the fantastic Wild at Heart Foundation. In doing so, we will be donating a percentage of our profits to the foundation and its incredible work.

What is Wild at Heart?

The Wild at Heart Foundation was set up in 2015 by Nikki Tibbles and Nadine Kayser. Nikki Tibbles founded one of London’s biggest florist and events companies and Nadine Kayser worked as global head of communications for many years at a large management consultancy. Together, they created the Wild at Heart Foundation.

Nikki and Nadine met after they both adopted dogs from Romania and they quickly became firm friends. It wasn’t long before they realized they shared an interest and passion for reducing the stray dog population around the world.

The Wild at Heart Foundation works to reduce the number of stray dogs around world. It does this by funding rescue projects, setting up neutering programs and by educating the public. There are currently around 600 million stray dogs worldwide, a number that is constantly growing.

The Wild at Heart Foundation supports dog rescue centers throughout Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Puerto Rico, Borneo and Bosnia. These centers are helped with the neutering and rescuing of dogs, with many being placed in new homes in the US and UK.

All of the money the Wild at Heart Foundation raises goes directly to the projects, which is why Aenea Cosmetics are dedicated to helping them out. We know that all Aenea Cosmetics donations will be used to help important issues directly.